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Browse through our group tour samples below. You will find proven tours and ideas that have been enjoyed by many of our groups. Every tour is customized and unique for each group.


Cities/Towns:          Amherstburg, Detroit, Dresden, Niagara Falls, Windsor
Provinces/States:  Ontario, Michigan
Countries:                Canada, United States

An amazing  group tour that includes the path of fugitive slaves who followed the North Star to Canada and to Freedom.
The Underground Railway was a network of safe houses and individuals (in both US and Canada) who helped runaway slaves reach freedom.
Detroit, Windsor, Amherstburg and Niagara Falls were important terminals in this Underground Railway.
This tour can be customized depending on your group's arrival, either by entering Ontario at Detroit or in Niagara.
Your tour includes visits to historic African American Heritage sites, such as The Henry Ford Museum with Rosa Parks Bus, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American HistoryJohn Freeman Walls Underground Railroad Museum and Uncle Tom's Cabin in Dresden.  Your group tour will include stories of hope and courage, acts of bravery and the fascinating legacies of these early pioneers.


5 Day / 4 Night Tour Includes: 

Tour guide in Detroit for a City Tour
with an African American Heritage focus, including such sites as Joe Louis Memorial, Soldiers and Sailers Monument, Elmwood Cemetery, Hitsville USA: Motown Museum  and Second Baptist Church, the oldest church in the mid-west founded by African Americans. Before the Civil War, Second Baptist served as the city's leading Underground Railroad Station.

The Henry Ford.  With Liberty & Justice for All" is a groundbreaking new exhibit that explores the proud and often painful evolution of American freedom: from the Revolutionary War through the struggle for civil rights. See and hear the past trials, tribulations and triumphs of the enduring spirit of Freedom.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.
The museum is the world's largest institution dedicated to the African-American experience with more than 30,000 artifacts and archival materials, a remarkable permanent exhibit, "And Still We Rise," plus a host of always-interesting temporary exhibits. 

JOHN FREEMAN WALLS UNDERGROUND RAILROAD M USEUM. The museum was built and is operated by the descendants of John Freeman Walls and Jane King Walls, who traveled on the famous Underground Railroad. You trace the journey from Africa to Canada in an entertaining and informative way.

The North American Black Historical Museum: discover Black history in thought-provoking exhibits and story-soaked surroundings. Journey through a home of escaped slaves and a church that began lives of freedom. 

UNCLE TOM'S CABIN: focuses on the life of Josiah Henson who escaped with his family, through the Underground Railway, in 1830. In 1841, Henson moved his family to Dresden and helped to establish the Dawn Settlement, which provided a refuge and a new beginning for former slaves. Josiah's name became synonymous with Harriet Beecher Stowe's character in her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin. The book helped raise awareness about the brutality of slavery. 
Visit the  Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort - group incentives apply when you arrive by motor coach. 
NATHANIEL DETT MEMORIAL CHAPEL: the Methodist Mission as it was originally known existed as far back at 1814. The lot was donated by Oliver Parnall, a man who escaped slavery and swam the Niagara River to freedom.

: Constructed in 1830, the house was said to contain a secret underground tunnel in the basement, leading to the riverbank. Many escaped slaves made their way into Canada, avoiding American bounty hunters, by secretly entering the house via the tunnel. You'll walk the basement of the former " Safe House" and touch the cold walls where the tunnel formerly led from the Niagara River to FREEDOM. 

The Crossing Plaque: a t this site on the Niagara River, across from Buffalo N.Y. escaped slaves first reached Canadian soil. Many fugitive slaves gained their freedom by swimming across the River.

An overview  tour of Niagara Falls to see the Horseshoe Falls. The Whirlpool Rapids,  and the Gorge, the Old Scow, the Floral Clock, the Niagara Parkway.

Niagara's Freedom Trail and ST. CATHARINES MUSEUM at the Welland Canal Centre, where the "Follow the North Star" exhibit explores the Underground Railroad experience and recounts the rich legacy of Niagara's African Canadians.

BRITISH METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH (Salem Chapel): This church, built in 1814, was Harriet Tubman's headquarters when she lived in Canada. Called the "Black Moses", Tubman was born a slave in Maryland and fled in 1849 to Philadelphia. Then she decided to flee to Canada, eventually settling in St. Catharines, in 1851. She lived here for the next seven years, renting a house which she used as a boarding house for refugee slaves. 

Package pricing will vary depending on selected travel dates & hotel accommodations.

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