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Experienced Tour Planner. Passionate Traveler.

I love to travel, and sharing my favorite destinations with others is what makes every day an incredible journey! I love what I do, and my passion for creating amazing group tour packages is grounded in  over 30 years of experience in recreation and tourism. Over the past 17 years, I have been building strong relationships with tour operators, school groups, bank groups and suppliers throughout the United States and Canada, and I love helping tour groups access the best prices, places and things to do and see.

Some of my most cherished travel memories include sitting on the front porch of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and looking out over the beautiful Straits of Mackinac, enjoying the Architectural Tour in Chicago on a sunny afternoon in spring, and walking / eating my way through Chinatown in San Francisco.

Admiring the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, touring Paul Revere's House in Boston and strolling the grounds of the Alamo in San Antonio are just some of the memories that I hold dear. Quebec's walled city always thrills me with its beauty and grandeur, as do the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario. And, I have met so many great folks along the way.

Throughout Canada and the USA, our travel network makes sure that you have a successful, fun and memorable group tour experience every time. After all, travel is supposed to be fun! Take away the worry about planning; add a dash of passion and a group tour can be much more than a trip. It can be an aha! Moment. a life changing event.

I started Group Tours To Go to share what I love with others. We have an unwavering commitment to integrity, particularly in pricing, quality and service, and we believe that hard work, honesty and trust will always triumph. Our philosophy is simple: Plan the best group tour possible, offer it at a great price, and execute the plan with expertise.

Our mission is to develop a long-lasting relationship with you by holding ourselves to a high standard of performance.

There's nothing more important to me than hearing you say: "That was the best tour ever!"

Pat Griffin, Owner, Group Tours To Go

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